ALIRA Feteasca Neagra | Schwarze Mädchentraube 2015
ALIRA Feteasca Neagra | Schwarze Mädchentraube 2015



Region: Oltina, DOC-CMD

Winzer: ALIRA

Rebsorte: 100% Schwarze Mädchentraube

Rebsorte (RO): 100% Feteasca Neagra

Weintyp: Trockener Rotwein

Jahrgang: 2015

Alkoholgehalt: 13,90%

Trinkreife: jetzt und weitere 3 - 8 Jahre

Trinktemperatur: 16 - 18°C

Essen: Rindfleisch, Gulasch, Grillmenüs

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ALIRA Feteasca Neagra | Schwarze Mädchentraube 2015

Weingut ALIRA – Feteasca Neagra | Schwarze Mädchentraube – Trocken – 13,90% Oltina, DOC-CMD – Flasche 0,75 l

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Wein [EN]

Alira Feteasca Neagra is the tribute that we offer to our national grape variety. Made with passion from hand picked dry-farmed selected grapes, this wine reflects the potential of this grape variety: smooth tannins, strong aromas of sour cherries, chocolate and ripe plums and a persistent after-taste ending in sweet sensations. Barrels: Aged in French oak barrels for 8 months. Tasting notes: Alira Feteasca Neagra 2015 is that wine that can change your evening and put a smile on your face after the first sip. With a full body and red fruit flavors, tobacco and light vegetable notes, we have here one of the best expressions of this variety, from the Aliman area, Dobrogea.


 trockene Pflaume, frisch gebratenes Brot, Waldfrüchte, komplex


Internationale Weinpreise

Internationale Weinpreise


Cantvs Primvs Fetească Neagră 2013: Silbermedaille, Decanter  2017

Jahrgang: Goldmedaille, 

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